[WARNING] Rapid Passive Profits – Okay product but shady product pushing after the sale

rapid passive profits reviewThere are so many sites promoting stuff with fake scam-warning headlines that I was really struggling how to title this post. It is shame that if you google “product name + scam” you will most likely find just promotional posts. And any valid concerns get lost in the background noise.

Why I m thinking about this in this review of Rapid Passive Profits? Not so much due to the quality of the product itself, but more due to the motive behind the product. But let’s first go over the product itself.

What is included?

A collection of 14 videos called modules claiming to lead the way to rapid passive profits. Total running time of just over 70 minutes. Videos are of okay sound quality but some of them have a mild echo in them which makes some of the videos slightly annoying to listen. Videos are mainly slideshow slides as well as over the shoulder content helping to cover the subject matter in each of the modules.

What is it about?

Rapid Passive Profits is a video course which describes a method to promote affiliate products. These products can be found from Warrior+, JVZoo or other affiliate marketing sites. A key component of promotion is to collect emails at the same time. This email list can then be used for further marketing of other offers to those same people. Nothing ground shattering but the process itself is valid.

Who it is for?

I would say that course is offered to people just getting started. And I doubt that more experienced people would get much out of it.

How much does it cost?

At the time of writing this review, the price is 8.91$ and price is increasing with every sale. You do get a popup if you have the intention to close the tab that offers a discount if you sign up for an email list. With the discount, I ended up paying 3.95$ for the course.

Obviously, that is just the frontend and there is total of three upsells included.

Unfortunately, I am writing this review couple of weeks after I made the purchase. And as I didn’t purchase any of the OTOs I don’t have access to them and can’t describe what those were about.

Usually, information on one-time offers is found on the JV pages for the offer. But this time that page only includes prices of all the three offers, 17$, 27$ and 197$ per package.

There are links to OTOs in the main course page, though. But these sales pages don’t give hard info on what they are about so without buying it is not possible to accurately decipher the contents of the upgrades.

Rapid Passive Profits review – Final thoughts

As I mentioned in the beginning, I have slightly negative views about this course. The course contents itself is okay and is worth the price of admission.

But what I don’t like. And why I included the [WARNING] tag in the headline is the fact that after the sale authors started bombarding my email from multiple lists with messages about a Pyramid scheme called Aspire / Digital Altitude.

I advise everyone to steer clear from any such program. If you try to search for info about them you’ll see that most of the first page results are fake reviews.

I think this course was created with a sole intention of promoting this pyramid scheme and not for the value it itself provides.

Usually, in this space, I include a link to the product I am reviewing but I am not going to do it this time. Even though the product was okay I just don’t want to associate myself with pyramids.

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