5 Questions To Michael Wilding

Michael Wilding

I am happy. This second interview in my Five Questions to X series means that I can actually call it a series!

Michael Wilding took a roundabout route to online marketing via acting, shoe design and professional betting. He is also the author of Business Ignition book and monthly report.

In your opinion, what is the most important skill to have if one starts as a blogger and / or affiliate marketer in 2017?

The most important thing is to write every single day. Blogging is all about content, that means you need to be writing a lot of content regularly. Getting into the discipline of writing every single day is very important.

What is the Next Big Thing in Online Business in 2017 and why?

I don’t think there is such a thing as the next big thing in online business. It will be what it has always been about, communication and storytelling. The most effective form of communication is still email, and will be for a while. Having an email list and newsletter is, in my opinion, the most important part of an online business.

How important to your business are non-search engine traffic sources such as Twitter or Pinterest?

Historically I haven’t used them as a primary source of traffic, however I know others who have. So for me they aren’t a huge part, but are growing with a focus on sharing content.

Is money still in the list?

Yup. And will be for a long time to come, there is no better way to get to know your audience and get them to know you.

Your biggest plunder (or blunder*) over the years?

My biggest blunder was spending a lot of time and money developing a piece of software that, while very effective, was far too complicated for most people to use. The learning curve was too extreme.

Thank you for your time! Do you have some final words to my readers?

Running an online business doesn’t have to be complicated. You need nothing except an email list and be disciplined to send emails every day. Everything else can be added in later. Keep it as simple as possible.

* I made a typo in the original questions to Zac, I wrote plunder when I actually meant blunder. In the future I let interviewees choose which version they wish to answer.