A slight course correction to the blog

blogI have come to a conclusion that I want to make a slight course correction to this blog of mine. Initially, I set this up for the sole purpose of writing Internet Marketing product reviews by doing review videos and posting them on Youtube. And hopefully making them rank high enough to draw in traffic and convert a portion of that traffic to affiliate sales and make some money in the process.

In addition to posting reviews, my plan was to fill the blog with PLR articles I bought years ago. Oh, how clueless I was. My naive idea was to gain some sales with minimal effort.

Then I found Wealthy Affiliate and turned this blog into a tool to mainly market Wealthy Affiliate. And at the same time create (or at least try to create) quality content to eventually pull in organic traffic as well.

When one goes through the training in WA a niche is chosen pretty early in the process. I chose to go with ‘make money online’ – niche. And idea was to concentrate on blogging as well as small ways to earn extra money. What those small ways would be I had no idea of.

I have been on this now for a couple of weeks and my head has cleared a bit more.  And I know at least a little bit better what I would like to do with this blog.

I want to

  • Learn more about internet marketing (affiliate marketing, PPC, CPA, email, etc.)
  • Write honestly
  • Learn to be a better writer
  • Learn to earn
  • Document my journey
  • Earn money

I don’t want to

  • Scam people
  • Write dishonest reviews
  • Claim to be something I am not

My problem with original direction was that I was a little bit ashamed, I could say, to put my own name as an author to these posts. Internet Marketing is so filled with over-hyped products that promise instant riches or at least earnings with little to no effort at all. I have bought those products earlier and there are many of those out there which are closer to MLM pyramids than anything that has to do with actual business. And I didn’t want to attach my name to these systems.

I don’t know

I do know that it is possible to make money with blogging and I do know it is possible to make money with affiliate marketing and I do know that it is possible to make money by creating info products and selling them online. What I don’t know is how to do any of those personally. But I want to learn. And I want to tell about my learning process and hopefully, help someone else learn as well.

So, this blog takes a turn towards more like a learning diary of sorts. I will write posts on subjects that interest me and that will include reviews of products. All of the posts I do intend to write with SEO in mind to drive traffic as that is one of the subjects I want to learn more about anyways. Posts and pages will include affiliate links but every time I want to make my opinion of given products worthiness clear to the reader.

Please join me on this journey and please leave a comment if you have questions or comments.