About Me


My name is Panu, father of two from Finland. By day I am an engineer and by night a wet behind the ears internet marketer. Meaning that at the moment I am by no means making my living out of this.

I don’t know about you. But I have been intrigued by Internet Marketing for several years.  And even after having spent countless dollars trying to learn how to make money with it. I have not been successful. Now I am giving this a final chance to see if there actually is money to be made online or not.

If this won’t work then I just have to accept that it is not for me. But if this does work then I am planning to take this to the logical conclusion of a full-time entrepreneurship.

So please join the ride, ask questions and let’s learn from each other. You can be in touch via comments in the posts or via email contact @ pkdigibiz.com. You can also contact me at WealthyAffiliate. Or via Twitter.

Affiliate disclaimer

Links in this blog may include affiliate id which means I might be compensated if you end up purchasing something I am linking to. But opinions and reviews published are my own and they are not colored by possible compensation. I am to be as objective in my reviews as I can.