Do you have a hobby or a passion you just can’t stop talking about? Do you want to spread the good information or do you strive to create a community of like-minded people? Whatever your reasons, blogging is one good way to let that enthusiasm and information flow.

Do you know where to start from, though? Luckily barrier for entry these days is almost non-existent. Services like WordPress and Blogger make starting up a blog dead easy. And even if you decide to go straight to the self-hosted blog you don’t need to be a computer scientist by training to do that.

I have had several blogs over the years. Both ones that have lived at free platforms and ones that I have hosted by myself.  The one you are reading now is self-hosted. I do believe that the control you gain from self-hosting is worth the small price of the learning curve you might have. One of the reasons for this blog to exist is to help others get underway in their blogging careers.

Can you make a living with blogging? Some can, most don’t. But can you? I think in the end the decision lies in the hands (or typing fingers more specifically) of the blogger him or herself. If you can write quality content that people want to read. And you can keep at it for extended periods of time I think monetization of the blog is a viable route for extra income.