Build a Blog in a Day Review – From the ground up blogging course

build a blog in a dayI was kindly provided review access to a new blogging course called Build a Blog in a Day. The Access included also all upgrades to the course. So this time I am able to provide a lot more through review. And not concentrate just on the front end offer which has been the case so far.

What is it about?

Build A Blog in a Day is a video course on how to create a blog. While front end offer concentrates more on the mechanical side of how to create a blog. And the upgrades expand the contents to a quite comprehensive blogging course.

Main sales argument found from the sales page is:

“Discover A Simple Copy & Paste System That Helps Complete Beginners To Build A Highly Professional Blog In Just 24 hrs
“… Without Any Prior Skills or Knowledge” ”.

I’ll return to that in the conclusion of the review to see how well I think that that claim is justified.

What is included?

Course contents are for the most part videos. But there are some modules which include portions of text and / or images as well.

Front end offer, Build a Blog in a Day, includes five modules. These modules have a total of 11 videos and a running time of 82 minutes and change.

The first upgrade shows how you can include shopping possibilities in your blog. It is delivered in 4 modules, a total of nine videos and with a total length of 78 minutes.

The second upgrade is a hosting package. Hosting is a resale of a service provided by a separate hosting provider. Hosting includes automatic and manual backups and 40Gb of storage space. As well as email mailboxes and so on.

Third and final upgrade, Real Blogging Academy, is the actual meat of this whole package. 12 modules and 81 videos with a total running time of almost eight hours. Modules in the course are as follows:

  • Intro
  • Module 1: Prepare for Success – Self Awareness
  • Module 2: Building Your Blog
  • Module 3: Creating Amazing Content
  • Module 4: Make Use of Photos, Videos & Graphics
  • Module 5: Generate Traffic
  • Module 6: Social Media Marketing
  • Module 7: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Module 8: E-Mail Marketing
  • Module 9: Building Your Audience
  • Module 10: Monetize Your Blog
  • Module 11: Your Blogging Business
  • Module 12: The Blogger Lifestyle

Who it is for?

People who have most to gain from this course are Beginner-level to moderately experienced. Or people who have been thinking about starting a blog, meaning that they have no blogging experience at all.

For the whole of the course, the material is provided in an easy to follow manner which builds on the prior modules. This makes it accessible to complete beginners.

Real Blogging Academy-upgrade is a comprehensive package. So I think even those who have been running a blog for a while can learn new things from it. Or at least refresh already known concepts.

How much does it cost?

  • Build a Blog in a Day
    • 9.90$
  • Sell Your Products Online
    • 37$
  • Hosting
    • 9.90$ per month or 97$ per year.
  • Real Blogging Academy
    • 197$


Skill level (5/5)

Suitable for complete beginners.

Actionable (4/5)

There is nothing preventing you from getting started right away. And no extra tools other than hosting are needed. And even the hosting you can include in the package as an upgrade

Slight minus for not actively encouraging accountability. The new blog won’t happen if you don’t stick to it over a longer period of time. This kind of a course should in my opinion really try to hold the student accountable for her progress.

Presentation (3/5)

I think some of the videos could have used a slightly tighter scripting or some more editing. But other than that videos are of okay quality. No major problems with audio quality.

Most of the videos have only a white background and it is burning through a little bit to other colors. But this doesn’t really detract from the contents.

Both presenters have a slight accent but I didn’t have any problems in understanding any of the contents.

Value for Money (3.5/5)

The problem with this kind of a course is that basically all of the information is out there if you just search for it. But it is in bits and pieces all around. So the question is, what is the price tag you put on your time?

How much more content you could write in the time it would take to search for all of the information included in the course?

Build a Blog in a Day review – Final thoughts

I have recently gone through the main parts of the material available in the Wealthy Affiliate (see review) course. And I can’t help but compare these two.

Wealthy Affiliate is even more expensive with a higher monthly cost. But I think they back up that price with more content and a really well-organized community.

Also, I like Wealthy Affiliates emphasis on content creation and accountability. Both of which are things I think this course could have done a little bit better job.

Now it is just a video after video. Videos do have a progression in them. But it is not as clearly linked to actually building your own blog at the same time as it is with WA.

Also, I have to mention that I find it a little bit odd that they instruct to install WordPress manually. For example, Hostgator which I am using for my hosting needs offers in its control panel automatic installation script. And with this script, it is just a matter of a couple of mouse clicks and you are done with your installation process. Why would one install WordPress manually when there are so much easier methods available nowadays?

“Discover A Simple Copy & Paste System That Helps Complete Beginners To Build A Highly Professional Blog In Just 24 hrs
“… Without Any Prior Skills or Knowledge” ”

How well they backed up their sales headline? They did a good job I think. Following the steps in the basic course, you will have a blog up and running in 24 hours no problem. And will have time for good nights sleep as well.

Obviously that claim is only for the front end offer. The amount of material included in the total package takes more time to act on. But you will have a good start for your blogging career if you follow along and act based on the information provided.

*** Build a Blog in a Day is available NOW. Get it from HERE! ***



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