[WARNING] Rapid Passive Profits – Okay product but shady product pushing after the sale

rapid passive profits reviewThere are so many sites promoting stuff with fake scam-warning headlines that I was really struggling how to title this post. It is shame that if you google “product name + scam” you will most likely find just promotional posts. And any valid concerns get lost in the background noise.

Why I m thinking about this in this review of Rapid Passive Profits? Not so much due to the quality of the product itself, but more due to the motive behind the product. But let’s first go over the product itself.

What is included?

A collection of 14 videos called modules claiming to lead the way to rapid passive profits. Total running time of just over 70 minutes. Videos are of okay sound quality but some of them have a mild echo in them which makes some of the videos slightly annoying to listen. Videos are mainly slideshow slides as well as over the shoulder content helping to cover the subject matter in each of the modules.

What is it about?

Rapid Passive Profits is a video course which describes a method to promote affiliate products. These products can be found from Warrior+, JVZoo or other affiliate marketing sites. A key component of promotion is to collect emails at the same time. This email list can then be used for further marketing of other offers to those same people. Nothing ground shattering but the process itself is valid.

Who it is for?

I would say that course is offered to people just getting started. And I doubt that more experienced people would get much out of it.

How much does it cost?

At the time of writing this review, the price is 8.91$ and price is increasing with every sale. You do get a popup if you have the intention to close the tab that offers a discount if you sign up for an email list. With the discount, I ended up paying 3.95$ for the course.

Obviously, that is just the frontend and there is total of three upsells included.

Unfortunately, I am writing this review couple of weeks after I made the purchase. And as I didn’t purchase any of the OTOs I don’t have access to them and can’t describe what those were about.

Usually, information on one-time offers is found on the JV pages for the offer. But this time that page only includes prices of all the three offers, 17$, 27$ and 197$ per package.

There are links to OTOs in the main course page, though. But these sales pages don’t give hard info on what they are about so without buying it is not possible to accurately decipher the contents of the upgrades.

Rapid Passive Profits review – Final thoughts

As I mentioned in the beginning, I have slightly negative views about this course. The course contents itself is okay and is worth the price of admission.

But what I don’t like. And why I included the [WARNING] tag in the headline is the fact that after the sale authors started bombarding my email from multiple lists with messages about a Pyramid scheme called Aspire / Digital Altitude.

I advise everyone to steer clear from any such program. If you try to search for info about them you’ll see that most of the first page results are fake reviews.

I think this course was created with a sole intention of promoting this pyramid scheme and not for the value it itself provides.

Usually, in this space, I include a link to the product I am reviewing but I am not going to do it this time. Even though the product was okay I just don’t want to associate myself with pyramids.

Business Plan For a Blog

business plan for a blogI haven’t ever written a business plan for a blog before. But for a while now I have been giving some thought to a blog idea I have. One that I would start with the clear purpose of earning money with it. But also with such a topic that I would find it interesting to write for it over extended periods of time.

In addition, documenting my progress would make interesting content for this blog I think. Something others having similar ideas might find useful in their own endeavors.

I was not planning to write anything down just yet but then I was directed to this blog post about new niche site project. And it clicked so well with what I have been thinking about that I just have to write this down today.

I haven’t gone to such lengths just as the author of the linked article (yet) but they are good pointers for me to look into.

Let this post be the first version of my business plan, I trust that I need to return to this in the future.


The niche I have been thinking about is pretty common all around the world. It is not just a one-off purchase and it is readily available for example in Amazon, which I intend to be the main source of revenues. At least in the beginning.

Competition in the blogosphere in the niche is mainly hobbyist sites but even those have pretty high traffic levels. In the high 6-figures per month. And some even go over to the 7-figure territory. That being said, my site would not be directed to the hardcore hobbyist but more to a general public. And in addition I planning to aim for a sub-niche to narrow it down even more.


For a startup phase, I am planning to post a lot of product-specific posts. There is a finite number of such pages per year, but in the beginning, it would make it easy to add 1-2 posts per day in order to have a steady flow of new posts.

According to my preliminary keyword research, it would be pretty convenient to add a decent quantity of long tail listicles. Which I intend to make a regular feature on the site. The bulk of the content I intend to build around weekly regulars to make it easier to see what I need to write about each week.

Niche lends itself well to visuality and it is possible to find interesting things to post from Flickr and Pinterest. That ought to help with social shares as well.

And final major content type would be buyers guides for people not “in” the niche but who would like to purchase something to a person who is.


How I see it now, I should be able to rank with moderate effort for the searches in the sub-niche and that should bring in the bulk of the traffic.

In addition to that, I am planning for an active Facebook page to drive traffic as well. How I see it now it probably makes sense to concentrate only on Facebook and Pinterest and leave for example Twitter out from the scope.


One major part that I see were current established players are missing out is email marketing. And that is where I intend to shave out commissions as well as to bring in returning traffic. I am planning on emailing subscribers daily and how I see it at the moment there is content worth telling about each day.


Biggest income source would be Amazon commissions. But besides Amazon, there are also some related affiliate programs. These are not as big as Amazon but they wouldn’t directly compete with it either. And thus could be additional sources of income. Some of these are with recurring payments. I also need to study if it would make sense to include links to other sites selling same products as Amazon to give people option of comparing prices.


The biggest risk is personal time management risk. One of the reasons I haven’t started on this yet has been my fear of overextending myself between this current on and the new blog. As I still have a day job I am not able to dedicate full days to either of these. If (when) I start building this new blog that would have to be my top priority. At least in the beginning.

I also run the risk that I misjudge the generals public’s interest in the type of content I have been thinking about. But it is really hard to see beforehand. Searches are there, though.


The market itself is multi-billion dollar market annually. And current players draw in hundreds of thousands of visitors monthly. Products in the niche are such that most buyers buy more than one and over extended periods of time. Fast napkin calculation tells me that with CTR of 1% I would need roughly 650 000 visits monthly to earn 10 000$ per month.

Final Words

Here is the first version of my first ever business plan for a blog. It feels good to have written something down. A lot easier to start refining things when there is something to build on.

I think the potential is there and risks are manageable. Now, what is left is execution.

What did I miss, where did I go wrong? Let me know in the comments!

How can you make money with a blog?

In the previous post, I concluded that it is, in fact, possible to earn money with a blog. But how can you make money with a blog? What are the ways to monetize your content? And what is the earning potential of blogging?

We can start by looking at the following infographic from PageTraffic:

Bloggers Who Make More 12 Bloggers Who Make More than $10,000 a Month & How They Do It!

As a disclaimer, only bloggers who publicly disclose their income are listed so there might be others who would make it to the list if their income was public knowledge.

Sources of income are quite varied and we can take a look at for example Pat Flynn who writes a monthly income report, latest one from last October. From the report, we learn the different sources of income for him. Affiliate commissions from Bluehost seem to be the biggest earner but he does have multiple products that bring in streams of income. In addition, he is trying to shift the balance from affiliate income to own products.

Darren Rowse doesn’t publish exact dollar figures but this image shows a similar picture to Pat Flynn’s situation. Various sources of income, a combination of an affiliate as well as advertising income with a biggest single revenue stream coming from affiliate commissions.

How can you make money with a blogThe third and final example is Rosemarie Groner from Busy Budgeter blog. She went from 5k$ per month to more than 20k$ per month from the same kind of page view volume.

I think these examples give a rough answer to the question: how can you make money with a blog? The short answer is that with affiliate commissions, advertising as well as with own products. And the earning potential. Anything from zero to in excess of hundred thousand dollars per month.

Can you really make money online or is it just a big scam?

I believe that it is a non-trivial number of people who wonder if it is possible to make money online. There are big companies like Google and Facebook who are making money online. But when it comes to this blog post it is not that scale of income I am thinking about. Can you really make money online as a marketer, content creator or blogger? To exist online and in the ideal case spend only the minimal number of hours to do the earning.

If you have spent any length of time online, you must’ve seen an advertisement for various pushbutton or autopilot systems. Systems that will literally print money for you. Systems that promise hundreds of thousands or even millions in income per year. All out of the kindness of heart of the author for the lowly price of only 27$. Why would anyone who is able to make that kind of money make the effort to create a product and charge so little for it? These scream scam so loud that everyone should know to stay far away from them already.

Ways to make money online

But are there legitimate ways to make money online? I think so yes. For example the tasks below

  • sell information
    • Selling of instructional videos and / or books
  • sell answers
    • Answer to surveys against compensation
  • sell creations
    • Sell logo designs in Fiverr
  • sell time
    • Do micro tasks in Amazon Mechanical Turk
  • create content
    • Run a blog

What do all those have in common?

There is effort involved in them. They are not on autopilot. You need to actually work to earn money with any of these.

I have only included only one example under each bullet. There are others which would fit under each main level bullet and there probably are additional bullet points that I have omitted as well. But I think you get the point. The effort was the one thing in common to all five but only two of the points have one important feature.


Selling information and creating content scale up and thus earning potential is not restricted by how much time you are able to put into them. One could argue that creating content is actually selling information as well. But I wanted to show them separately as earning logic is different in them.


Earning potential in the three leftovers is limited by how much time you are able to use. And aside from selling creations the hourly wage most likely won’t be high. For example a while back I wanted to see what kind of money one could make by filling surveys. I purchased a list of survey sites from TakeSurveysForCash. My idea was that my time would be better spent actually filling the surveys instead of trying to find the good survey companies. I might be a little gimped due to not being US based so your mileage may vary depending on where you are from.

Long story short, I quit doing those after around dozen filled surveys because it was just so mind numbingly boring. In total, I spent 2 hours and 9 minutes filling those up and earned 12.50$ for my effort. Earnings were further boosted in couple of the sites with newcomer bonuses so actual hourly earnings were even less. The situation might improve if you stay for a longer time with the same companies to get access to better-paid surveys. I never saw those, though. I would consider again in extreme emergency if all else were to fail.

Mechanical Turk

I think the situation is similar in Mechanical Turk – money can be made with time spent. Sadly I can’t test it at the moment as I just recently found out that my old Mechanical Turk account from a while back was under a review. I hadn’t logged in for several years and was surprised that my application to use the system was declined. I had done couple 0.10c jobs but nothing after those. It was possible to browse what is available, though. And there are certain types of typing tasks which have almost 300$ payouts. These high payout tasks do need a qualification and I can’t comment on how hard it is to earn such a qualification.


I haven’t tried selling services on Fiverr so can’t really comment on that. But a guy who wrote a book which partly covered Fiverr as well seems to make money. Well, I did create a gig as the test about blog commenting service. No one bought that.

Can you really make money online?

So in my opinion answer to the question “Can you really make money online?” is Yes. Yes, you can, but you have to work for it. It doesn’t come without any effort.

All in all, this is a pretty long-winded way to say that my concentration in this blog will revolve around selling information. Both as products as well as from blogging. If you think I can (or can’t) do it. Please tell so in the comments.

Pre-Made Adsense Ready Websites…Are they worth it? The good and bad.

I had an article with this exact title when I first started this blog. adsense ready websitesBut it was not my own article, it was copied from PLR package and just copy pasted here. When I learned that Google punishes websites for duplicate content (Article was put up before I joined WA) I decided that it is better to take the post down. But now I noticed from Google webmaster tools that I have had visits to the site from people searching for “ad ready websites” and I was getting 404 error messages in the search console. Whatever I did it wasn’t good 🙂

Anyway, now that I have searched I can see that the article does indeed exist on several sites already. But I do want to keep the URL alive and point to something relevant.

This kind of Private Label Rights article packages was popular several years ago when article marketing was all the rage and internet was peppered with article directories where a person could submit an article and in it a link to one’s own site and thus gain validity in Google’s eyes. To be able to do this in massive scale webmasters bought packages of articles they then had the right to use on their own sites.

Or that is my understanding on the subject. When starting this blog I was still ignorant and I was just thinking to simply select relevant articles and schedule them for frequent posting and the traffic would come. Along those articles, I would post the occasional review like the one I did for ATM Arbitrage.

I don’t know if Google punishes me for including the article here, but I will do it none the less. As it was already indexed and there were several hits so the punishment could’ve not been too severe. Well, live and learn.

Well, live and learn. Have you used PLR articles in your blog?


There are many types of “Adsense Ready Websites” out there and it may seem hard to figure out which ones are worth it and which ones are not. With prices ranging from $9 for 100 sites upwards of hundreds even thousands of dollars just for one. You might think to yourself, “wow what a good deal I’ll buy the 100 sites for $9”. Not really the wisest choice… As the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for”. Those packs are usually comprised of the same exact content sold to every customer. (Static Content – never changing) Resulting in search engines to completely blow off your website instantly. There are already thousands of the exact same websites you are trying to submit. To avoid this situation you need to find a website that automatically updates their articles (Dynamic Content – constantly changing by itself) and the even better even rarer no duplicate content sites.


Some “Adsense Ready Websites” are very dry with plain text and no images in hopes of better ranking but this will actually hurt rankings a bit. There is no chance to name your image one of your target keywords.

Some make the sites look ok and few make them look really good. However, pre-made designs tend to be duplicated a lot. While humans notice this, the search engines do not. All search engines see is the image name and the alt tag. So if two sites have the exact same look but different content the search engines see two completely different websites.


Surprisingly the majority of “Adsense Ready Websites” make it difficult to insert your affiliate codes and make changes to the site if you aren’t proficient with HTML. Some may offer software that will change the websites code on your PC so you can upload it to your server. There are a few that all you need to do is enter your domain name and the website is automatically created and hosted. The better of them also provide a web-accessible control panel to manage aspects of your website in real time.


Although some are better than others you can get results with what you are given. While some make it less work and less time there is no magic bullet. Do not purchase an “Adsense Ready Website” and just expect the money to start rolling in. (Unless you get a good expired domain). For starters, Google places new websites in their sandbox for a good 3 months. (Can be avoided completely by getting a good expired domain) No matter how great the website is it ALWAYS takes a bit of marketing elbow grease to get them moving along to big profits.