Rapid Profit Ninja review – quick start to online earnings?

rapid profit ninja reviewIn this Rapid Profit Ninja review I take a look at the one of this weeks big launches. It is created by fellow named Art Flair and main promise in advertisements is that with what you learn from this course you can make up to 80-100 dollars per day. And with only 30 minutes of work per day to achieve that. At the time of writing this review there have been over 1000 copies sold. So that sales claim is clearly resonating with people. Lets take a closer look.

What is included?

Course is delivered as a 27 page ebook which is well edited and easy to read. Pages are not overtly full and actual length is little bit over 3000 words. In addition to downloadable PDF the product also includes three videos with a running time of roughly 11 minutes. Videos are purely supplementary and they provided just to help understanding some of the concepts presented in the book itself.

What is it about?

As the idea presented is basically pretty simple I can’t say too much about it without blowing everything wide open. Wouldn’t be fair to the creator in my opinion. But in short it revolves around certain types of tasks that are delivered to customers via Fiverr and similar services.

Who it is for?

Skill requirements for taking into use the methods presented are not overtly high. So I would say that this course is suitable for everyone. But I don’t see that this methods by itself is very scalable so that places some limits to who gets most out of it.

What does it cost?

Front end product is 7.70$ and that includes everything listed above. In addition to that there are three different One time offers. These OTO’s I didn’t purchase so I can’t say how worthwhile additions they really are and I go just by their description.


  • Instant Ranking Blueprint + Advanced Training
  • 19.95$


  • 2 Case Studies + 30 Done for you – Listings + 3 Extra Methods
  • 27$


  • Coaching Mastermind Group + 1 on 1 training
  • 197$

Rapid Profit Ninja review – Final Thoughts

I have grown to be a little bit cynical to claims that one can make money with very little effort. And this product hasn’t dispelled these thought. That being said, I do believe that in the correct hand it is possible to make at least some money and it could be just  what is needed right now or used as a part of larger portfolio of services provided. I think biggest hurdle will be to actually find a buyer for gigs one is to put on offer. I checked one of the suggested categories and there were 162 pages with 48 gigs per page so the competition is not exactly light.


If Fiverr selling interests you, check the sales page here


I hope you have enjoyed this Rapid Profit Ninja review and I would like to here in the comments if you have experience on selling gigs on Fiverr.


How to create a blog using WordPress?

So, you have an idea for a blog and you want to know how to create a blog using WordPress? Luckily that is really simple, but before you get to actually starting a blog you do need to decide where that blog is going to be ran at. In principle you have three options, you can either


  • Self-hosted
  • Hosted at WordPress.com
  • Hosted at 3rd party

Self hosted is my way of doing this but that was more because I wanted to do all of the configuration myself and have all of the power in my own hands. And that was way before this blog even existed and I haven’t been able to change my ways regarding that. Installation itself is nowadays just a matter of couple of  mouse clicks, especially on shared hosting but I feel that one needs to be at least marginally technically inclined to go for self hosted route.

Hosted at WordPress.com is a popular solution and there you can choose between a subdomain of WordPress.com for free (ad supported) or registering your own domain and then prices start from 3.95$ per month. Just starting up free version is a simple solution and gets you started reasonably fast. I have on occasion gone with that route as well, especially if I have had a need to test something fast.

how to create a blog using wordpress
Third option is a hosted solution somewhere else. And here you have numerous alternatives like for example Bluehost and eHost. I have no personal experience with them but both of those mentioned are reputable companies and their pricing begins at similar level as WordPress’ own pricing in the beginner plans. For an little different alternative you could take a look at what service called Wealthy Affiliate offers, it is a little bit wider offering though compared to just hosting as it includes training as well. And their free plan allows only subdomains and not usage of own domains.

How to create a blog using WordPress

If you decide to go with a WordPress.com route it is basically a 6 step process.


You start by selecting the category of your blog. I am not really sure where this selection matters, most likely in some listings or some such.


Next task is to select the layout of your website. This can be changed later on so no need to stress about getting it just right.


After layout we select the theme to be used. Same as with the layot, this can be changed later on if needed.


Domain name is not something we can as easily change later on if we go with the subdomain route. Selfowned domain can naturally be whatever you want and changed as well if needed.


Choose the level of service that best suits your needs. Unless you positively know that you need the paid features I would go with the free plan.


wp_step5Account creation

Final task is to supply account information that will be used for the initial user of the blog.

Final product

End product of these steps taken is a working blog just waiting for content to be written. Obviously there are multiple items to tweak and tune but that subject is for later date.




Hopefully this post has shown you how to create a blog using WordPress. Did you create your blog already? Let me know in the comments below.


Wealthy Affiliate Review – Internet Marketing University

Earning extra income is one of the key themes at this blog and in this Wealthy Affiliate review I am going to take a good look at it as creators of the product promise to help with that. Well, calling it a product might be a little misleading as it is actually more like a complete online business curriculum.

What it is about?

classroomsWealthy Affiliate is a membership website where members can find extensive training regarding online business as well as hosting services and so on. Two major parts of the site are classrooms and certificates. Certificates are written by site staff and additionally include tasks that student can cross out once they are done to proceed to the next lesson. Classrooms include staff written as well as member written articles. Big appeal of the website is the active community. At the time of writing this review there are several people in the live chat either asking questions or just hanging around.



Who it is for?

Main target audience for this service are people who from complete beginners to moderately experienced. That being said, I think even profitable and experienced marketers can find new information from the courses provided. All in all beginners are very well catered for.

Is it any good?

It is really good in my opinion. Information is actionable. All of the materials I have read so far has been very well written. Help is readily available, both from staff as well as from other members of the site. And one of the big pluses in my book is the continuous encouragement and tracking. I have no doubt that if a person follows all the lessons and completes all of the tasks that they will be at least moderately successful in their online business.

What is included?

As mentioned, bulk of the content is different classes and certifications which are provided in both written and video format. In addition to that there is a full fledged hosted WordPress platform for hosting your own websites, two of which are included in the Starter set. Offering is completed with helpful tools for link tracking and keyword research and so on. To see a little taster on the content, please see this page with a video about how to create a website in under 30 seconds. Or this question I asked in the questions area.

What does it cost?

Wealthy Affiliate has two membership levels, free and premium. Free is free forever and includes first level of certification as well as two hosted sites and so on. Premium  which costs 49 $ / month (First premium month is discounted to 19$) includes all of the content. Differences between the levels are pretty well summed up in the picture below.

membership levels

Final Thoughts

I am very impressed by this product. It is something that is well above anything else I have encountered in the Internet Marketing space. I started up with Wealthy Affiliate roughly a week ago and converted to Premium level today. And I will happily recommend this to anyone who is interested in the subject matter. I am a little hesitant to give a full five star review, but I think Wealthy Affiliate is just that good.

If you find this review helpful or if you disagree with me, please let me know in the comments.



Arbitrage ATM review – Make real money from home!

Want to get started making money working from home? In this Arbitrage ATM review I cover one product describing  how that is possible. At the same time this is my first product review in this blog and my first ever video review of a product. Two firsts on one go!

arbitrage atm review

Arbitrage ATM

In short, Arbitrage ATM is a great course and in my opinion great value for money. Especially if you are just starting out or looking for additional revenue streams.

Three main reason for why I think so:

  • Actionable information
  • No huge learning curve
  • No huge capital requirement

Watch Arbitrage ATM review here:

Click here 9:00 EST on 31st to gain access to Arbitrage ATM

I am not sure if I really was able to get my point properly across in the Arbitrage ATM review video but basically what you will know after going through the course is buying products from various sources and then selling them with a markup for a profit. And the beauty of this is that fulfillment is handled by Amazon so you personally don’t need to have anything in stock as everything is warehoused at Amazon fulfillment centers around the country (or globe for that matter).

Arbitrage ATM review score is a solid 8 / 10 .

Why nine and not ten? Well, as this is my first review I feel that I do need to leave some room for movement both up and down.

There are two upgrades available in the the product.


  • Additional training
  • 27$

Haven’t gained access to this so can’t comment on this one


  • Daily sourcing list
  • 47$ / month

Haven’t actually seen the lists personally but the idea sounds exactly like something one would need if one would like to really scale this kind of business as I am thinking that only thing limiting earning potential in this method is time available for sourcing.

It is on the pricey side so I think it should be considered only if you are ready to make the commitment to make the best out of it.


Click here 9:00 EST on 31st to gain access to Arbitrage ATM

Did YOU find this review helpful? Regardless of your answer, please let me know in the comments.


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