Penny Clicks Academy Review – Niche Marketing in Facebook

niche marketing in facebookI need to be honest and mention that I was about to skip this course as somehow it felt so overly hyped when several affiliate marketers started pushing it prior to launch earlier this week.

Only after I read an endorsement of it by Michael Wilding I made my mind and picked it up.

And paid for my indecisiviness. I think it was going for 24.95$ right at the launch but I ended up paying 31$ for the frontend product and at the time of writing of this review the price is 35$ and going up again in a couple of hours.

I have been planning to read up on advertising on Facebook for a while now and this product got me over the initial hurdles quite handily.

What is included?

A training course consisting of total of 10 videos. Total running time of videos is around 85 minutes.

Videos are very well presented. Audio is crisp and clear and presenters do a really good job in all of the videos.

What is it about?

Niche marketing or niche eCommerce in Facebook.

I think it is important to repeat that this course is not general Facebook advertising course but it presents a pretty specific niche marketing strategy.

A strategy that utilizes cheap clicks to build up a Facebook fan page and then monetizing it.

The only downside in this course is in my opinion that the monetizing part is left a little bit open and everything is not as clear as it is when it comes to the meat of the course – penny clicks.

And I think the monetizing portion is the trickiest one to do right in a strategy like this and it does need the willingness to learn independently to figure everything out.

But it does what it says on the tin, you learn how to get clicks for pennies.

Who it is for?

Anyone who wishes to get started in making money. Or add somethin new to existing income portfolio.

Authors have gone to great lengths to test the material with beginners in mind and it shows. So I am confident that even people with beginner level IT skills are able to follow along.

What does it cost?

As mentioned above, the current price is 35$ and sales page claims that price is going up again in a couple of hours to 37$ which is the final price of the course.

I like that kind of integrity in sales pages, by the way. If you claim to raise the price in x hours. Do it as well and don’t start the counter again upon reload.

I didn’t pick up any of the One Time Offers (OTO) but they are as follows:

  • OTO 1 – DFY Campaign Academy
    • 67$
    • 5 case studies showing actual campaigns done
    • 10 Done For You niches
      • Including sample content and graphics
  • OTO 2 – Social Ad Suite Pro + Social Pixel Suite
    • 67$
    • Facebook ad creator software
      • 1000 assets included
    • Facebook tracking pixel plugin for WordPress
  • OTO 3 – Penny Clicks Mastermind
    • 97$
    • 4-week hands-on course to the course contents

Biggest value from these three I think comes from OTO 2.

Obviously, you can create ad graphics with any suitable graphics editor. But for someone whose core competence is not in graphics that piece of software seems to give an easy to use way to create custom graphics specificly for Facebook ads.

Do remember though that my impression of these OTOs is based on sales material and not in actually trying the software.

Penny Clicks Academy Review – Final thoughts

Refreshingly well produced video course with actionable content. The only big downside in my books is the lack of attention on the monetization aspect.

They do mention in the videos that detailed look is not in the scope of this course. I just wish it were. With current contents, you get something like 80% of the journey covered.

While going through the course I was able to create a campaign to advertise my blogs Facebook page. Not getting the clicks at pennies, but not really doing it as instructed either as my page is not exactly what this course is meant to be used with either.

But, even with those caveats, I highly recommend that you check this out.

Grab the course from here


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One comment

  • Hi, I am in sport related niche. Are there any restriction of choosing niche within this program? I mean can I continue with my sport niche or do I have to start a new niche?

    • I think sport related niche would work really well with this. That being said, it might be easier to start a new one just for this. It Depends a lot on how is your current main site, what is your approach to your niche and so on. For example, this blog of mine doesn’t really lend well to the system.

      At least not without modification. But as I mentioned in the review I was not knowledgeable on Facebook ads before this and I was able to test the mechanics with this site without spending time in finding a good niche for this system.