reviewsOne way to do a service to a community and help others is to do reviews of products. Thanks to the powers of internet it is nowadays a lot easier to spread information about bad products but it does require that someone test drives those products and give honest appraisal on benefits and possible shortcomings of said products. Product reviews are going to be big part of of this sites content.

Reviews on this site are going to be honest and not designed to sell products, although if a product is good I don’t see any harm in promoting it either. Method doing these reviews is still a little bit work in progress as you can see in the first review I have published which has text as well as video component.

My current thinking is also to do comparison reviews where two or more tools that are designed for same end result are reviewed side by side. I think that this would add a important perspective to discussion.


My current scoring standard is based on four dimensions which are all graded with five star maximum system.

Skill level

How skilled and or experienced person needs to be in order to benefit from the product. Five stars = suitable for beginners.


Is it possible to take action with what is provided with the product and gain real life results? Five stars = run with it!


Not necessarily money spent in fancy production but that videos are understandable, audio is clear and text elements are mostly error free. Five stars = Delivery enhances understanding

Value for money

Combination score for price of the product and what is provided in it. Five stars = Almost criminal to pay this little for this content.