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Earning extra income is one of the key themes at this blog and in this Wealthy Affiliate review I am going to take a good look at it as creators of the product promise to help with that. Well, calling it a product might be a little misleading as it is actually more like a complete online business curriculum.

What it is about?

classroomsWealthy Affiliate is a membership website where members can find extensive training regarding online business as well as hosting services and so on. Two major parts of the site are classrooms and certificates. Certificates are written by site staff and additionally include tasks that student can cross out once they are done to proceed to the next lesson. Classrooms include staff written as well as member written articles. Big appeal of the website is the active community. At the time of writing this review there are several people in the live chat either asking questions or just hanging around.



Who it is for?

Main target audience for this service are people who from complete beginners to moderately experienced. That being said, I think even profitable and experienced marketers can find new information from the courses provided. All in all beginners are very well catered for.

Is it any good?

It is really good in my opinion. Information is actionable. All of the materials I have read so far has been very well written. Help is readily available, both from staff as well as from other members of the site. And one of the big pluses in my book is the continuous encouragement and tracking. I have no doubt that if a person follows all the lessons and completes all of the tasks that they will be at least moderately successful in their online business.

What is included?

As mentioned, bulk of the content is different classes and certifications which are provided in both written and video format. In addition to that there is a full fledged hosted WordPress platform for hosting your own websites, two of which are included in the Starter set. Offering is completed with helpful tools for link tracking and keyword research and so on. To see a little taster on the content, please see this page with a video about how to create a website in under 30 seconds. Or this question I asked in the questions area.

What does it cost?

Wealthy Affiliate has two membership levels, free and premium. Free is free forever and includes first level of certification as well as two hosted sites and so on. PremiumĀ  which costs 49 $ / month (First premium month is discounted to 19$) includes all of the content. Differences between the levels are pretty well summed up in the picture below.

membership levels

Final Thoughts

I am very impressed by this product. It is something that is well above anything else I have encountered in the Internet Marketing space. I started up with Wealthy Affiliate roughly a week ago and converted to Premium level today. And I will happily recommend this to anyone who is interested in the subject matter. I am a little hesitant to give a full five star review, but I think Wealthy Affiliate is just that good.

If you find this review helpful or if you disagree with me, please let me know in the comments.



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  • Hi Panu,
    Very informative review you have written here.
    I too am a member with Wealthy Affiliate, I joined as a complete newbie have never built a website or run an online business before.
    I have found their training very straightforward as they have a very simple approach where all the courses are split up into separate steps requiring you to follow the steps and implement into your own website what’s shown pertaining to your niche.
    Help and support is exceptional too, no one is left alone.
    I’m really enjoying the role, hope you are too,

    • Thanks for the comment. Agree fully with your statement. Structure is one of the keys in this program.

  • Hi Panu,

    I find your review complete but just a little bit basic, write something about your experience.

    • Good point. Personally I don’t like too long reviews, but I’ll see a good way to incorporate something more into it.

  • Thanks for your review. I agree with your points that beginners will probably benefit the most from this, and also that experienced marketers could still learn a thing or two. As a WA member myself, I have to say that the community is the biggest selling point. It’s great to know that other people have your back when it comes to your success.

  • Great website, I like the way you introduce your online business. Your approach is unique you did not show people how they can get rich quick. The true about online business, you need a great system patient, time and afford. Keep up your good job, very nice!